Profitable Growth Consulting for High-Growth Businesses

James Berkeley provides expertise, speed and tremendous results for high-growth businesses who want to soar, not simply coast. He has worked extensively around the world to dramatically enhance top line revenue growth and transform operating margins through his distinct approaches to marketing, leveraging relationships, branding and fee setting.

Whether it is consulting to investors or a firm’s top management on profitable growth issues, critiquing account management practices, collating relevant profitable growth data and information on a new market, providing profitable growth options or helping implement preferred alternatives in record time, he is known for his Profitable Growth Regime. A pathway that brings greater focus and discipline to all levels of the firm and greater resolve to see that key business goals are attained with minimal need for management intervention.    

James offers three levels of relationship with increasing intimacy and value to provoke, stimulate and accelerate profitable growth in your firm:

1. Trusted Adviser to Owners and Top Management (Confidant) - sounding board for tactics and strategic help with profitable growth. Unlimited access via Skype, phone or odd brief meeting

2. Profitable Growth Acceleration (The Catalyst) - help with accelerating the speed and quality of a firm's marketing, sales, delivery and business management to proceed rapidly towards desired business growth goals.

3. Profitable Growth Elevation (The Next Level)

Organic Growth
We critique and create an investment thesis for upgrading your skills and technology. We create a plan to contact every past client buyer, develop an idea about improved/relevant value, see them, form new relationships, and generate new referral business. We create new forward looking value propositions. We identify new ways to compete. We identify new ways to find new customers. We create, nurture and leverage your brands. We adapt and build new marketing channels. We modify the organisational structure and people as required. We exploit existing and create new referral sources. We join or create new client communities, abandoning professional associations that have passed their “sell-by” date. We create and promote relevant expertise affording new destinies, new high touch customer experiences, better organisation and tremendous synergies. We acquire positive support networks and weed out negative influences.

Inorganic Growth
We review alternatives such as a strategic merger or acquisition, business sale, management buy out, exit planning and capital raisings. We facilitate Board, top management and investor objective-setting with the added benefit of our own ideas, insights and success practices. We help resolve conflicts over alternatives or objectives. We help establish negotiating positions. We help formulate and implement a growth strategy consistent with producing and rewarding results as set out in the investment thesis. We help leadership set priorities and hold key people to account internally and externally. We provide coaching to key people entering into and going through a process of change between the current and future state. We help adapt the culture of the organisation to the new reality. We help accelerate innovation internally, identify external opportunities for strategic investment and the transference of the best ideas into the corporate organisation’s future sales, marketing, delivery and business management approaches
Strategic Alliances
We identify existing or anticipated profitable growth “needs” where an alliance, internal or external, has a high probability of transforming a client’s future (faster market share, stronger brand, increased revenues, happier clients and so on). We facilitate senior management growth objective-setting, identify ideal alliance partners and the shortest path to enter into meaningful dialogue in a safe and friendly environment. We act as a sounding board on strategic and tactical issues with the formation, ongoing management and leveraging of successful alliances.