Elliptical Trainers Guide is dedicated to providing unbiased information about different elliptical trainers or what some people elliptical machines. My goal is to give my readers as much information as they need as they search for the perfect elliptical machine to purchase for their home.

I went through this same process when I was looking for an elliptical machine for my home. I remember looking for information but it seemed that websites were created to give biased information on a particular elliptical machine that they were selling. They wanted to give glowing reviews of the product so that you would purchase and they would get a commission.

My goal is not to give you biased information to convince you to purchase one elliptical trainer over another. Instead I am going to review as many different elliptical machines as I can and give you my honest feedback on them. I will like some machines and I will not like some machines. Some machines will have features that I really don’t care for. I will share all this information with you in my reviews.