Are you a homeowner who has great taste and desires a fabulous living, dining and entertaining environment, but are frustrated and confused by how to pull-it-all-together?

~ Are you building a new home or wanting to remodel and are overwhelmed and don't know where to begin?

~ Are you struggling with your existing or new furnishings, art, accessories and window treatments?

~ Are you overwhelmed by too many options, styles and colors to choose from?

~ Are you tired of the stress of making costly design mistakes?

~ Are you ready to find an "easy-to-work-with" interior designer who understands your frustrations and can guide you through the interior design process on your timeline and budget, so that you can sleep at night?

If so, we know exactly how you feel. There is no better reward than a fabulous home that reflects your personality, style and color preferences, and supports you're living and entertaining needs. You deserve a home that is uniquely yours!

Whether you're just starting out and need a trusted mentor to guide you toward your unique interior design, or have been working on your home for a few years and want a serious jump-start to the next level, we can provide you with innovative and unique interior design solutions for your home design challenges.

~ Creating a fabulous home shouldn't be stressful, it should be a fun, exciting and gratifying experience!

Let's get started. We invite you to call and discuss your interior design goals and how we can work together to achieve them.

Tag Line
"We provide innovative and unique interior design solutions to solve your interior design challenges and assist you to reflect your personality in the style and color preferences for your home!"

We practice a client interactive design process to ensure that the new or remodeled home reflects our client's interior design dreams and desires!

We are a full-service design firm providing interior & exterior design solutions for clients building new homes, adding additions or wanting to remodel their current home, kitchen or bathroom. Additionally we assist clients with locating new or existing furnishings, art and accessories!

We are experts in the application of color in the built environment! Carol Ellis, taught "Color in the Built Environment" to interior design students in Scottsdale, Arizona for 6 years while practicing interior design in the field concurrently. Additionally, Carol wrote her Thesis on "The Psychological Effects of Color!" Because of that combined experience and research Carol has become an expert in the use of color in the built environment.

While assisting you to select interior and exterior wall, counter, cabinet and flooring finishes and furniture, art and accessories, Carol will explain to you what she is seeing and why she is recommending color selections and combinations, so that you can make educated decisions on the choices she presents, for the design of your home.

Contact Carol at 541-556-7620 to share your interior design struggles, ask key questions, and discuss how she can guide you through the process of having a beautiful home.

Visit www.ellisdesigngroupllc.com for details.