Ellison Bronze, Inc., based in Falconer, NY, invented the balanced door in 1927. Today, Ellison doors can be found at marquee entrances to the world’s most famous addresses.

Ellison doors are the standard to which all other commercial entry doors are compared the world over. For more than 80 years, skilled Ellison craftsmen have used the highest quality materials to produce stunning doors that will last a lifetime. Available in bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, all glass and wood, with multiple finishing options, Ellison’s unique doors are tailored to meet individual specifier needs.

Consisting of a leaf, frame, and balanced hardware, every aspect of an Ellison door works in harmony to facilitate the optimal user experience. Each is designed to operate with tremendous ease – even when large or heavy – for the life of the building. Due to their unique balanced design, they can be opened without pulling or tugging, even in strong winds or where significant building stack pressure exists. Unlike conventional doors, Ellison doors will remain closed when confronted with uneven air pressure, reducing energy costs.

Ellison doors feature an elliptical opening and closing path, which results in less intrusion onto sidewalks compared to conventional hinged doors. They also meet ADA guidelines without additional hardware. When powered openers are desired, Ellison’s unique PowerNow doors use a concealed low energy operator and actuating arm to effortlessly provide the opening force. PowerNow-equipped doors, when operated manually, do not interface with the powered mechanism in any way, which minimizes energy use and guarantees that the user-experience is still pure Ellison. This design reduces energy costs, eliminates unsightly surface mounted hardware, and limits wear on the power-operated device.

Ellison doors are built to provide a lifetime of the easiest, most trouble free operation. Their uniquely designed formed-up doors have a solid internal subframe construction, which allows them to long outlast the 5-10 year lifespan of average high-traffic doors. Most door subframes, if present at all, are merely tack-welded. An Ellison subframe, however, is joined to the outer structure by closely spaced spot-welds. Both external and internal door parts are made of .09” thick material, resulting in greater resistance of dings and dents than thinner doors. Furthermore, unlike most door manufacturers, Ellison pre-assembles and pre-hangs each door before it leaves the factory, in order to inspect and fine-tune to perfection.

Ellison balanced doors are completely warranted for 10 years. In the unlikely event of a malfunction, parts are free for the first decade of use. All Ellison balanced hardware components are cast in bronze and machined in-house, utilizing state-of-the-art technology while maintaining original methods of production. This means that replacement components, even for the oldest of Ellison doors, are always readily available.

Ellison maintains all records, drawings, and casting molds for every door it has ever made since the very beginning, ensuring unmatched ease of maintenance. In fact, each Ellison door is assigned an individual project number (similar to an automobile VIN number), so that an Ellison door can maintain its inimitable integrity for the duration of its extensive lifespan.