Elluminet Press is a publisher devoted to meeting the needs of novices, home users, seniors, students, and enthusiasts with more than 50 books in print and electronic formats covering a variety of genres and topics.

Microsoft Office 365 & 2016
Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10
Apple Macs
iPads, Kindles and Android Tablets
Computer Hardware
Internet, Email & Communication
Create: Photoshop & Photography
Tropical Fish, Kid's Books & Travel

Our books provide a reliable and readable place to start learning something new and serve as textbooks in colleges across the United States. Many are required reading for computing and IT courses such as Computing 101 and Survey of Computers and Information Systems, where students study functions of the Internet, World Wide Web, computer systems, hardware, desktop applications, desktop publishing and graphics.

We have also developed our own computer training sessions using the Essential series of books to cover basic IT such as word processing, tablets, smart phones, internet use, communication and multimedia. We periodically teach computing and IT at Nicholas Bhengu College in South Africa.

We have delivered adult education in England and have served in a local drug & alcohol rehabilitation centre in the local area providing essential computer and IT training.