ElMeasure India Pvt. Ltd was promoted in 2004 by a young team of entrepreneurs with collective experience in energy management. The objective was to make a significant contribution by focusing on industries and commercial establishments and major users of energy to reduce waste and minimise loss. ElMeasure's Energy Management System is tailor made with greater flexibility for customization for any industry; Energy Billing Systems (EBS) for shopping/ housing complex and pre-paid metering.

ELMEASUREĀ® is renowned for its technical know-how in the field of energy management. It is backed by a pool of experts to invent, customise & serve the needs of 25 + industries over the globe. ELMEASUREĀ® is a complete package of 400+ product varieties, 7+ Solutions & 250+ brains.

We are committed to delight our customers with pioneer products and innovative Energy Management Solutions by adapting the latest IoT technology and continually improving the process involving all people.

SpecialtiesLatest Technology, User Friendly Solutions, Value for money, Quality, Field Programmable, Energy Mnagement Solutions, Meters, IoT Adapted, Digital Meters, Power monitoring system, accl, Water management system, Energy, Panel Building, Panel Builders, ATeS, Seamless Power, and Process Monitoring.

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