Eltronis is a Romanian printing company, with its headquarters in the city of Oradea, that produces specialty and security labels for a variety of industry branches. Our experience in this field has allowed us to deal with a large diversity of contracts, regardless of the magnitude or complexity of the task.
Pharmaceutical labels, textile labels, tags and security seals are among our main products.
    The Eltronis pharmaceutical labels (vial-, syringe labels and hang-tags) are specially designed for hospital/laboratory applications or for clear-on-clear pharmaceutical labeling. The adhesive textile labels that we produce for the automotive industry eliminate the need for sewn-on labels (e.g. airbag labels).
    The company has also made great progress in improving the product packaging security. One such product is our patent pending self-adhesive tamper evident seal for packaging protection which we officially launched during Pharmapack Europe 2016. It can be supplied with an intuitive and user friendly track and trace application software to verify the unique codes and serial numbers printed on the security seals. However our software solution is not exclusively part of the aforementioned security seal. This application can be easily integrated into any system or domain and is offered for free, as part of our large variety of labels and seals.