eLuxurystores is a US based company. A hub for ecommerce transactions as eLuxurystores facilitate its visitors to act as a customer and purchase a variety of products like (sweet, stone, jewelry, home made wall hangings, apparels and much more) eLuxurystores gives one more golden opportunity to its visitor that they can act as Seller and they would be able to open their own online stores on eLuxurystores.com. All for absolutely FREE no strings attached.
This is not the end. On eLuxurystores you can actually enjoy the fun of e bargaining. We invite you to “make an offer” on any item you love to purchase and can get the finest deals at prices you set.

We're improving our site and enhancing our services for both shoppers and merchants to make our site a great shopping destination. We thank our merchants and visitors for helping eLuxurystores grow rapidly, as a new company.

eLuxurystores is beneficial for those sellers who want to start their own business but cannot  afford online setup and also possesses limited business knowledge. Such sellers can simply register to eLuxurystores.com and follow the much easier process of getting started with their own business and they need not to pay any amount for opening online stores. We're adding new stores, everyday, to our website to bring more value, selection and savings. We've developed our site to be fast, easy-to-navigate and clear to provide our shoppers with a convenient online shopping experience. We communicate with our visitors and merchants to provide better, more secure, easier, and faster online buying and selling for both parties.

Summarizing. We offer:
# Free online stores for sellers.
# Finest deals at prices you set.
# Latest products at competitive prices.
# Sales assistance at every step.
# Dedicated customer care helpline.
# Safe and secure payment options.
# Free shipping worldwide for our products.

Enjoy your visit.