Emagister.net offers prospective students a wide variety of information on courses, degrees, colleges, universities and other schools of higher learning as well as the opportunity to contact these schools.

Since its foundation in 2000, Emagister has become the leading education directory in Spain. This success (www.emagister.com) enabled us to begin international expansion in 2005, meeting the learning needs of users in other countries. Currently, Emagister is present and operating in several countries around the world including: France (www.emagister.fr), Italy (www.emagister.it), Germany (www.emagister.de), UK (www.emagister.co.uk), Mexico (www.emagister.com.mx), Argentina (ar.emagister.com), Chile (www.emagister.cl), Colombia (www.emagister.com.co) India (www.emagister.in). In the fall of 2009, www.emagister.net was launched in the USA.

Our team is formed by specialists in internet positioning and education in different countries. We are constantly analysing the market to capture high traffic from users searching for training and learning opportunities. Emagister International, the leading education search engine in Europe, belongs to Grupo Intercom (www.grupointercom.com), an internet technology company created in 1995, pioneer its field in Spain.

Emagister International in figures:
80,000,000 pages viewed per month
+18,000,000 registered users
20+ million unique visitors per month
+500,000 courses/programs/degrees
+35,000 course providers/schools/universities