E-MAILiT is based in Athens, Greece, is self-funded and is not a publicly-held company.

Is the leading Ad Management and Sharing Service, measuring Campaigns and Social Media activity. Spreads content across the web, making it easy to bookmark and share and helps publishers and advertisers to increase popularity and ranking, providing state of the art detailed analytics. Display advertising powered by social engagement. Publishers can make money from the button, generating income, keeping all of the revenue, by displaying ads through their website or blog and offer innovative marketing solutions, while the visitors are sharing their content. Connect with your visitors and let them follow you: your social profiles, blogs, feeds and other social sources on the internet. Get all the social network, branding and advertising power in one single button and save space from your website canvas. Advertisers can increase the influence of a self-managed campaign when they combine social sharing with display advertising. E-MAILiT is the safest and cookie-free widget in the world, for use in privacy-sensitive content, such as federal government sites.

We plan to constantly incorporate premium ad network partnerships, improve our technologies, and register on more website and blog publishers. Trusted by major brands, like MTV, PC World, Elxis CMS and Favoritus.com Bookmarks.