We believe that every individual needs to be empowered with the tools to report or broadcast from anywhere there is an internet connection. The individual needs to be able to record activities whether they are good or bad and then be able to share those broadcasts or recordings with whomever they choose. We decided to try to fulfill that need.

it's SO easy is proud to offer free video streaming for broadcasting complete with easy to use scheduling. Broadcast to the world. Broadcast your bands rehearsal, your baby's birth, your baseball game, anything, anywhere, anytime. You will be able to broadcast to anyone or everyone you choose.

Emanon Group LLC wants to become the central hub on the internet through our it's SO easy brand to allow people to be their own broadcasters. We envision live streaming from anywhere, with any type of internet device, whether it be Laptop, Netbook, Phone or your PC, we want to be able to broadcast any event simply and easily. We imagine Grandma, Grandpa and any other friend or relative to be able to watch a live event no matter where any of them are, as long as they have an internet connection and access to a browser. We dream of the day when friends and family can Video chat in a secure group setting just like being in a corporate boardroom. We see this as the future and want to be the driving force behind it. We have the cutting edge software and hardware to accomplish this.