Emantran is the first Invitee Management App for events and weddings. Every event, no matter how big or small, can be easily organized through the easy to use app, Emantran.

Planning an event? Maybe a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary?

Need to invite people? Maybe 50, 500 or 1500?

Made a list of people you want to invite and wrote them down on a diary or an Excel? Great! You are sorted. Maybe your friends and family have a separate list of people they need to invite and they are also managing a list. Awesome!

Uh oh! What if after inviting 500 people you lose your diary? What if you went to a distant place and forgot to take your laptop?

Your wedding is coming up in the next 6 months. Congratulations! You must be pretty pumped about it. You have a list of 300 people to invite. Your family has a total of 600 to invite. How are you thinking about collaborating with them in the invitation process? Are you sure there are no duplicates in either of your lists?

Oh and you have different channels like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Wedding Cards , Calls etc to invite someone. Awesome! That makes your work a lot easier. But at the same time, would it not consume up a lot of time in managing the different channels?

You called up someone but they did not pick up. Would you still remember to invite him or is there a remote possibility that you would forget? We have talked to some people and found out that around 80% of them had forgotten to invite some special people only because they could not connect with them in the first try. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could have set reminders?

Well, these are some minor problems that majorly affect your mental health and management skills during an event. Managing the invitee list is a tedious process, let alone managing the different channels of invitations.

Emantran has made it very easy for you to manage everything.

Manage your invitee list, collaborate with your family & friends in the invitation process and set reminders of when to call a person next. Call, send text, WhatsApp and any other possible means of communication from within the app itself.

With us, you would be saving yourself from a lot of stress and manage time better in what is supposedly the most tiring and tedious job of all, invitations!

With this, we welcome you to Emantran. We are India's first Invitee Management App for events.