Nordic eMarketing was founded in 1994 in Reykjavík, Iceland. Over the years we have offered internet marketing solutions to a wide range of national and international companies. These organizations range in size from small local companies to the largest in the European markets, as well as government agencies in Iceland and Sweden. Nordic eMarketing offers solutions to customers in many areas including online marketing, web development, online corporate branding, and technical consulting. Our partners around the world and the employees of Nordic eMarketing are skilled in a wide range of industries, technologies, and services. Our skills and methodologies have been proven successful by the vast growth in our client base and products. Among other things, Nordic eMarketing specializes in search engine optimizatoin and marketing for tourism, the fisheries industry, and other export industry segments. We are experts at assisting companies to develop the best Web Content Management Systems possible to gain international visibility through the internet. Nordic eMarketing Multilingual Marketing Services Include: - Search Engine Optimization (SEO), translation, and marketing - Pay Per Click (PPC) translation and management - Press release translation, optimization, and distribution - Web site translation and marketing - Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed setup and usage to gain success What to expect from a partnership with Nordic eMarketing: - Improved Organic Search Engine Rankings on targeted keywords - Improved quality in PPC - Increased Market Presence - Global Audience Reach - Improved Customer Conversion