Cobra Marketing Group Inc would like to announce its grand release of Yellbid.com. Yellbid.com was founded in 1998 to change an age old bartering system that had been used for many years to buy and sell goods, services and land. Auctions have been around for many decades, even in the days of Christ. In the old days street peddlers held auctions to sale their products to the public. They would speak fast and when you wanted to bid on something you would raise your hand. The highest bidder would win and take home his goods. Today, we see auctions everywhere from land auctioneers to online electronic auctions. Auctions have become one of the quickest and efficient ways of selling and marketing a product to a large mass of people at one time.
The rises of the big daddy of auctions EBay, and competitors like UBID, BiDZ.com, have revolutionized the way that consumers buy and sell every day. Transactions are large and small you list your items and set a period and people place bids electronically to your item after your auction is over there is either a winner or no one bided because of the item you are selling or the price was too high. Then it hit me there were auctioneers selling land and real estate on a daily basis even EBay, now sales real estate and land on their website. Land auctions are common companies like Williams and Williams’, one the largest land auctioning companies in the nation have just launched an online real estate website.
Yellbid.com launched its website in 2003 to offer an alternative to normal real estate and land auctions. Realtors, mortgage brokers, consumers and real estate investors an opportunity to list and advertise their properties worldwide. Our goal is to revitalize the real estate market with the use of our unique marketing strategies and auction engine to assist our users to sell their properties quickly. As the market changes more and more consumers will start to search for properties online, and with the help of Yellbid.com, real estate professionals and investors worldwide can show case their properties to the world. As of today most real estate search engines allow consumers to search for properties only in the US, but by offering a global environment we can offer worldwide exposure.
Yellbid.com is creating a well recognized brand to offer services to anyone and everyone around the nation. We are now transforming our programs and services, as well as its fundamental business model, to take full advantage of recent changes in the real estate industry and we hope that we will sustain the market share that we are creating.
We have started our first phase of business development in 2003 and it is currently in its third phase with the “Fix and Flip Network”. With this program we go state by state putting on seminars to advised consumers and investors on how to buy at Yellbid.com for a discount and sell at a good price making a profit.
Yellbid.com, is subsidiary of its Parent Company Cobra Marketing Group Incorporated on the advice of our advisory board, this structure gives us the greatest tax and operational advantages based on the nature of our business and our anticipated growth.
Yellbid.com is located at in Plantation, Florida; we plan to expand our company into a major auction site. By the end of the third quarter of 2010 Yellbid.com will be the largest competitor of EBay.
By the end of 2008 our operation will be producing $6.5 Million annually, and is expected to operate profitable, through the year 2009. Revenue projected for fiscal year 2010, with external funding, is expected to reach $30,000,000. Annual growth projections indicate an increase of 50% per year through 2012.