E-Mayday is revolutionizing medical diagnosis.
A connected smartphone case.
This accessory is equipped with sensors that measure clinical constants:
- Body Temperature
- Blood pressure
- Oxygen Saturation
- Blood glucose levels
- Cardiac activity with electrocardiogram
- Blood alcohol content
- Endoscopic Camera

A camera can be plugged in for dental or gynecological care.

An emergency button connected to rescue services is also present in case of an accident, practical in the case of stroke for example.

This case and accessories adapt to the patient's request and to his or her eventual pathology (a single elderly person, an asset when on the move in a foreign country with language barriers)

The data in your mobile phone is remotely accessible by a doctor.
As you do not necessarily know how to analyze it, you connect with a general practitioner or a specialist in Visio conference.
There’s no longer any need to wait in the waiting room of one’s general practitioner.
If the doctor decides you should consult, you then have to go physically to a practice, but at least with E-Mayday, you can consult a doctor 24 hours a day.

The medical data stays in your phone which allows for better security. (There will be no backup in the cloud so no one else will have access to your data, which is important, as medical secrecy is totally protected.

E-Mayday also helps to alleviate hospitals’ emergency wards, as a number of consultations can be done remotely.

It is also a way to bring patients closer to doctors in medical wastelands.

E-Mayday - revolutionizing medical diagnosis.