IVF treatment is not just about medical expertise; it is about caring for the individual, about spending time and effort in focusing on finding solutions for each one. It is about offering the greatest gift of life. At Embryolab, we care!

Why Embryolab is your best choice?
•     90% of our patients will have a successful outcome in less than 3 embryo transfers.
•     Significant increase in pregnancy rate with our unique elective cryopreservation methods!
•     1 in 2 patients at risk of transmitting a genetic defect to their offspring will have a healthy baby with our innovative PGD/PGS program.
•     7 out of 10 men diagnosed with azoospermia succeed in finding and using their own sperm, thanks to the innovative application of micro-TESE.
•     7 coordinators with long experience in personalized care and attention provision to patients from 25 different countries from all over the world.
•     UK-trained fertility specialists with special attention to their continuous education.
•     Significant increase in pregnancy rate with the use of Embryoscope for optimized embryo selection.
•     Special in-house psychological counseling, nutritional advisor and acupuncture fertility programs comprise the holistic fertility treatment.
•     One of a few clinics with an in-house accredited Genetic Counselor.
•     ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2007 and ISO 15189:2012 since 2015, European Registered by ΕΒΜG Genetic Counselor, Gold Partner of the Infertility Network UK.