Emerald Brand is committed to being the most trusted brand of office and household products available in the marketplace today. We are proud to produce eco-friendly and tree free products for use in all both private and professional sectors, while minimizing our impact on the Earth. Our products are healthy and safe for the air, the surfaces, and the people within your office or home.

Whether you are big or small, Emerald Brand products can help you stay within your budget while converting your workplace or home into a green, healthier and sustainable environment. Our Tree Free Products are truly eco-friendly as they are made from a natural plant material called Bagasse. We offer five different product categories including break-room, facilities, washroom, jan-san, home and kitchen.

Our cost-neutral conversion program allows both home and office users to purchase green products in all five different categories at cost-neutral or less than what they are paying for non-green alternatives.

Whether you are looking for Green for Less Solutions through consumable products, or a quality brand of products covering five major categories, we are here to provide guidance and resolutions for you, our valued customer. For more information about our products and to learn how you can schedule a free Green for Less Assessment, visit our website at http://www.emeraldecoproducts.com/