Emergence Teleradiology, LLC. is a benefit to hospitals, imaging centers, and radiology groups alike. Traditionally, a radiology group would need to be quite large in order to support Radiologists sub-specializing in the different areas of radiology.

By using a teleradiology company a Community Hospital that might not otherwise have a specialist in a certain area can now gain access to a breath of specialties. Any radiology practice that is stretched with a high volume of studies can employ a teleradiology company until the volume has increased enough to consider hiring another radiology partner. Rarely can a single radiology group provide all of the sub-specialty services.

We do not seek to disrupt the bond that a local radiology group has with its hospital. We are here to make that bond stronger by collaborating with you to make your group more complete.

Emergence Teleradiology, LLC. serves to cater to the individual needs that you require. We provide an automated and expandable layered service that can be scaled to what every you desire. We place you at the core with our technology and experienced radiologists encircling your business forming an alliance for success.