BHR Marketing LLC was founded in 2011 and its newest e-commerce Web site, e-mergencyonlinestore.com, offers a vast array of high quality emergency products at discount prices. Product categories include Emergency Survival Kits, Box Kits, Car Kits, Emergency Blackout Kits, Pet Survival Kits, and Office Survival Kits.
Founder and President of BHR Marketing LLC, Barbara Rappaport believes today's weather is so unpredictable. There has been  some funky weather trends in the northeast, from hurricane flooding to terrible snow storms and power outages. Ms. Rappaport and her family were fortunate and  prepared for the weather we experienced. BHR Marketins wants to help others be prepared in the event of a natural disaster.
In addition to making family a priority, BHR Marketing wants to lessen the family pets abandoned or not given appropriate care. We offer Pet Survival Kits as well, so no one ever has to face difficult decision of abandoning a pet. You can save your pet with our products."
New and competitively priced products are added to the site routinely. BHR Marketing and e-mergencyonlinestore.com is committed to high quality transactions and shipping. All major credit cards are accepted, including PayPal. In addition to online transactions, a customer service team is available during normal business hours for customer support and can be contacted by emailing