About Emerging Magazine

The Affluent Lifestyle Magazine

Comprehensive, compelling and engaging articles, special event production, and  video media covering affluent living and lifestyles.

Commitment to Business and Performing Artists

Emerging Magazine offers a variety of marketing and promotion solutions. Whether you are an individual looking to promote your talent, a small business ready to broaden your consumer base or a corporation requiring global recognition, we are able to help achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

We use an advanced integration marketing system combining elements of advertising, public relations, events and new technology enabling us to create a plan uniquely designed individually for each client. The Company does not exercise the typical cookie-cutter mentality, as each client has special needs and requirements unlike any other client.

We are able to define, design and implement brand strategies and creative marketing initiatives which accelerate, breakthrough and result in bottom line gains, our goal is to set you apart from direct competitors or typical event productions. Emerging Magazine's tactical method expectations are optimized for maximum response.

While the company produces and promotes events to benefit charities and the human creative. Emerging Magazine proffers production services to companies and individuals that are anxious to activate a positive transformation.

Utilizing celebrity appearances, pop-culture trend event productions, unified strategic media positions, targeted marketing profiles, and global internet viral promotional techniques, our clients realize significant gains in sales, recognition and global branding.

Informed, tenacious, compelling, trust...words you expect to be synonymous with a team of professionals working for you or your business.

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