Our goal is for you to have vibrant health, a lot of energy, to enjoy your life, your time with family to the fullest and in the same time to create goodwill, to create a better world.
In the near future, the QuanThor will be the symbol of people who integrate the future into their lives.
When you take care of yourself (cause we are connected at the inner levels) your actions will benefit all of us. Your actions will help also increase the level of awareness for people.
QuanThor was designed to Empower Your Choice.
Enjoy life. Achieve more.
You can try one of Quanthor devices:
EMF Protection Tesla Technology Personal Energy Field Device
360 Round EMF Protection CELL PHONE Radiation Protection Tesla Technology: EMF Shield WiFi, Laptop-All Devices|Negative Ion|International AWARDS|Anti Radiation Shield
EMF Protection Bracelet 4 in 1 (Pendant BONUS) | Negative Ions, Germanium, Infrared & Magnet
EMF Protection Radiation Shield for Cell Phone, Laptop, TV, Tablet (1.5 INCH Scalar Cell)
Orgone Pendant Flower Of Life 1.4 INCH. EMF protection GIFT – Bracelet 7 chakras
Pendant EMF Protection Tourmaline 2000-3500 Negative Ions, Far Infrared & Stainless Steel