The E.M.I. Drive is a patent pending device that can provide in mere seconds emergency contact information, allergies, medications, medical history, and more. This can be extremely useful, and even lifesaving, in cases of a loss of consciousness after an accident.  

The drive is great for anyone, such as elderly parents living alone, or those suffering from Alzheimer’s.  It's also a great way to have your contact information on your young or Autistic child, should they get separated from you.  Additionally, it can be used to securely store and transport your medical files, such as X-Rays, MRI's or other files you may not want out there on the internet.

So how does it work?

The EMI Drive is a self-contained device with preloaded software that gathers, organizes and presents Emergency and Medical Information in an organized and timely manner. It's as easy as filling out a few forms, and upon completion it will not only allow you print a paper form to have a hard copy on hand, but it also stores the information back to the drive itself in the form of a PDF.  

When the time comes, plugging the drive in any computer or laptop will open a simple and easy to read PDF file with all the vital information the medical staff needs to know. The information can be updated and changed at any time, with nothing more to buy.

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