We commence our activities in 1993. Emirates Refinery LLC was commissioned in 2004 supplying various products for the lubricants industry.

Our activities are:

1) Lubricating Oil and Fuel Additives.

We are Agents and Distributors for Major Multinational Additives Manufacturers in the world.

2) Base Oils.

As and when available we stock Group I / II / III but we have regular stock of group IV Base Oils.

3) Brake Fluid DOT3 / DOT4

We manufacture and supply brake fluids in drums and bulk.

4) Viscosity Index Improvers VII / Viscosity Improvers VI

We dissolve the polymers with custom made special equipment to avoid over heating, polymer degradation and base oil discoloration.

5) Antifreeze.

We manufacture high quality coolant concentrates (Antifreeze) for the Middle East Market.

Our main operation is in the United Arab Emirates but our lubricating oil and fuel additives are also distributed in various countries with the authorization of our suppliers.
Our territory expands to:
Saudi Arabia

Our company is housed in 12,000 Square Meters including a covered warehouse of 9,000 Square Meters. We regularly store:

a) 150 to 250 dry containers of additives (12,000 to 20,000 steel drums).

b) 2000 mt in bulk for a total capacity of 3,500 mt storage tanks for additives.

c) 3,000 mt of mineral and synthetic base oils for a total capacity of 5,000 mt.

d) We do have facility in certain ports of the UAE to store 10,000 to 20,000 mt of products.

We currently keep strategic stock of lubricating oil and fuel additives for international, national and local customers.

Our prime location is an easy access to various ports in the UAE, which enables us to ship goods on urgent basis to various countries in the region.

We operate a fleet of trucks and pick-ups for the prompt delivery of goods in the region.
In addition we own 16 Stainless Steel Bulk containers to handle bulk petroleum additives.
We have dedicated drum filling lines for drumming of lubricating oil additives, pour point depressants, viscosity index improvers, brake fluids and other products.


We do have an extensive inhouse laboratory to perform tests on all incoming goods as well as outgoing products. All tests are run strictly as per ASTM standards. Please find below the list of laboratory instruments:

Elemental Analyzer (CHNSO)
Fuorrier Transformer Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
X-Ray Fluorescnece Spectrometer (XRF)
Inductively Coupling Plasma spectrophotometer (ICP)
Linear Sweep Voltammetry (LSV)
Monitors Particulate Contamination (MPC)
Particule Counting System for liquids.
Rotary PressureVessel Oxidation Test (RPVOT)
Cold Crankcase Simulator (CCS)
Mini Rotary Pump (Shear Stability Index SSI)
Sulfated Ash Analyzer (SA)
Total Acid Number Analyzer (AN)
Total Base Number Analyzer (BN)
Colorimeter Lovibond
Centrifuge Machine
Karl Fischer Water Titrator (Coulometer)
Turbidity Analyzer (TA)
Cloud Point (CP)
Pour Point (PP)
Flash Point (FP)
Viscosity Baths (VI)
PH meter
Scales (2,4 and 6 digits)

The strength of our group is the dedicated personal to service our customers round the clock, financial stability, inventory and prompt delivery.