Emisha Innovations is a leading technology firm that designs custom CRM software and develops state-of-the-art optical computing hardware.

Emisha Innovations is a young and innovative company bringing technology and success to small businesses globally. Their mission is to bring businesses easily into the new century while allowing owners to focus on what they do best.

Founded by a group of engineers with diverse backgrounds in computer engineering, software programming, retail, design, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Emisha Innovations aims to complete the technology lifecycle from inception to fruition.

In 2020, Emisha Innovations outsourced Printed Circuit Boards and other hardware components from China. Upon receipt, the company found the products to be of poor quality with hacked or illegally copied software licenses. This setback and supply chain issues compelled the organization to build its own systems. Although initially a drain on finances, this became a pivotal decision that set the stage for the long-term vision.

•     Emisha Agricultural Farm Network (AFN): A prototype deployed in various high-growth industries including indoor crop propagation, water purification, and monitoring.
•     Emisha CRM: Another prototype focusing on customer relationship management for the agriculture industry, featuring LED light technology, aquaponics, aeroponics, and more.
•     Speed of Light (SOL) Microprocessors: The next generation of optical computing that uses light to process computations and transmit data, boasting a processing speed 10x over electron-based systems.