After more than 40 years of continually improving swim education techniques, our own award-winning Swim Script curriculum places Emler Swim School far ahead of any other swim program. The Emler Sure Guarantee creates peace of mind for parents who need their children swimming the first time they enroll.

Emler’s Swim Script curriculum includes 20 consecutive levels of year-round instruction for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.  These highly effective lessons are continuously updated with new teaching techniques and safety skills. Each level guarantees successful completion of clearly defined goals for all students in just one semester.  The results of Emler’s Swim Script is a 99.9% success rate which produces confident little swimmers and parents who are "Emler Sure”.

The overall aim of our Swim Script curriculum is for every student to learn to swim, to love being in the water, and to be safe around water. Classes are kept small, with a maximum of four students to every teacher for most levels. Waterbabies classes, in which parents stay in the water with their babies, maintain a maximum 6-to-1 infant-to-teacher ratio. The result is a nurturing environment with innovative and creative teaching methods that engage every child and encourage confidence.

We not only teach all kids to love swimming, we also teach them how to respond in a water safety emergency. Each class level includes special training to enhance water safety. One week of every semester is Water Safety Week, where we introduce lifejacket and boat safety as well as how to respond to an unexpected fall into the pool. Another week near the end of the semester highlights “Clothesline Day,” when children recover from a simulated fall into the water while wearing street clothes.

From our infant classes to our recreational swim teams, our curriculum is designed to:
• Help students overcome fear of water with effective, practical swim skills.
• Give swimmers the skills they need to rescue themselves if they get into trouble in the water.
• Teach students to enjoy swimming and choose it as a lifetime activity.

Want to know where you or your child fit into the Swim Script curriculum?  Visit your nearest Emler Swim School for a free, one-on-one 15-minute swim skills evaluation, and we’ll help you choose the right class level at a day and time that fits your schedule. Learn more about our classes and recreational swim teams now.