The Emoji Diet will help you go beyond losing weight which often cycles back and instead help you control your weight for optimal health. The Emoji Diet highlights our emotional disconnection to our food and presents a way of looking at this threat to America as a collective problem that needs to be faced head on by all of us or we may pay the ultimate price. The Emoji Diet book provides a solution to the problem of our emotional disconnection to food through the creation of an easy, fun and at times serious eating program that taps into your personal disaster emotions related to food. One person at a time, one meal at a time, the Emoji Diet will help overcome food related disasters both before and after they happen to strengthen you, our Country and our world. Read this book to take a significant step toward achieving the Motivation, Education and Skills you need to make a healthier emotional connection with the food you eat. Your mood picks your food. By reading this book you should be better able to take back control of your food mood and say goodbye to emotional eating.

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