Online Marketing has always been such a fun hobby for me. Most people that jump start an online marketing career is completely clueless as to what it's like to earn infinite wealth... Pretty much, they wanna do it without having to do the work first... I wouldn't blame a 'newbie' in fact i was just the same about 4 years ago. As an online marketer i prioritize empowering others, rather than hyping them (which by the way sets you for failure). Most of these so called online 'experts' teach by selling and hype. I teach by example,  i am sure you have heard the stories about people earning 3000 to 5000 dollars weekly with online affiliate programs. Those stories are either true, or simply hype to get you to join their network. I will tell you for a fact that i'm not hype i can guide you to living proof. Empower Network pays 100% Commission on all their product sales!