At EmpowerNo, we recognize that children, from a very early age, are often confronted with situations which very often they are uncomfortable with or may not even know how to deal with at the time. As parents, we know that we have raised our children with the highest morals, standards and the understanding that they should feel free to come to us with any problems or situations that may face them in life. We are all also smart enough to know, that when we can’t be by our children’s side, we often wish we were to give them the support they need to deal with these situations.

NOW WE CAN!  Utilizing the EmpowerNo drug testing concept, you now have a way to have your child say no to drugs and still “save face” with his group of peers.

EmpowerNO is partnered with "HELP THE CHILDREN" The International Children's Charity (ICC).  

In an ideal world, as parents, if we could be standing by our child's side when someone confronted them with drugs, our child would be able to look his "friend" in the eye and say, "Thank you, but I don't do drugs." Because you are standing there, there would be no questions asked, pressure given, or comments made to make your child look like a "loser", "wimp", "baby", "chicken", or any other embarrassing adjective that may be said to them. As parents, we can talk to our children until we are blue in the face and may feel confident that we have done everything possible to teach our children to say NO, but the fact is, PEER PRESSURE CAN BE OVERWHELMING. All of our children want to "fit in", "be accepted" and "be cool". Even if your child is smart enough to say no, it DOES NOT mean that he/she does not feel some sort of negative feeling deep inside.

Our studies have shown that children are very receptive to this program. They actually "look forward" to the drug testing and often ask when they get home if "this is a drug testing night" or even challenge you to test them by asking "aren't you going to test me tonight?"

We believe you will find this program rewarding and beneficial and will promote a positive environment within your household.