Empower Records Mission
Our mission is to reconnect people to the original spirit of music by promoting artists with a vision of empowering and inspiring people through positive music and to support positive educational programs in the arts with an emphasis towards youth. In a day and age where positive music is the exception rather that the rule, the “Revolution” in which we are committed is to promote strictly positive music on a large commercial scale. The impact of which has now been scientifically proven to affect the behavior of a generation for better or worse.

In a landmark study by the American Psychological Association “Violent Music Lyrics Increase Aggressive Thoughts and Feelings” leading to violent behavior. Given the widespread trend and popularity of violent, angry music one cannot avoid its impact on the overall behavior of our youth. Also, given the lack of role models in the media, our “New Idea” also proposes to support positive role models in the arts and media through promoting these artists on a large commercial scale with Empower Records as the vehicle.