About Jim Tate
Jim Tate is known as the most experienced authority on the CMS Meaningful Use (MU) audit and appeal process. His unique combination of skills has brought successful outcomes to hospitals at risk of having their CMS EHR incentives recouped. Tate’s background includes working directly with over 200 EHR vendors on their EHR certification projects, authoring the first manual on the CMS EHR incentives (The Incentive Roadmap), and consulting as a Subject Matter Expert to the federally funded Regional Extension Centers on EHR Adoption and Implementation.

About MeaningfulUseAudits.com
MeaningfulUseAudits.com is led by Jim Tate, nationally recognized expert on the CMS EHR incentives and the “meaningful use of certified technology”. Jim and his team bring a unique combination of skills to successfully address the complex and changing issues surrounding the CMS EHR Incentive Program including the audits and appeals process.