E-Mute is the alternative rock project of Theo a drummer, singer, songwriter who is using the piano and drums as his main instruments to compose. Theo before he decided to create his music was a professional drummer and has played with a lot of great musicians Pip Williams (produced Dido, Uriah Heep, Graham Bonnet) Bias Boshell from the Moody Blues, Scott James from the Stereophonics. His band is made of excellent musicians who help him out to either record or perform live. Emil, Sam and Dimitris.
Great melodies, dark edgy rock, electronica and philosophical lyrics are the recipe of the band.

Franz Ferdinand meets Muse, the Foo Fighters and Depeche Mode

MUSIC WEEK-”A sound with a harder edge, with melodies that fuse dark edgy rock, electronica and philosophical lyrics.”

MUSIC MUSINGS AND SUCH-“A new treat to my ears E-MUTE seem likely to steal a little breath”

CREATIVE SESSIONS-“With all the different musical influences involved we definitely think you guys bring a fresh take on the traditional indie-rock sounds”

MAZ HAILEY  of SOULFUL SOUND -”If you like Muse’s oft-featured piano melodies, you’ll love E-Mute’s song Across The Sea.”