EnABLE Home Solutions, LLC is an independent consulting company that combines the unique skill sets of an Occupational Therapist AND a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist in order to:

- assess an individual's current health issues and anticipate future needs;
- understand the interactions between a person and his or her environment;
- provide solutions to maximize one's safety and independence in the home;
- collaborate with family members and caregivers to set unified expectations;
- effectively communicate client's needs to contractors, remodelers and
 designers to ensure that all modifications are reasonable, cost-effective,
 forward-thinking, and individualized to a client's specific needs.

Our clinically trained occupational therapist is able to address a number of issues including:

Home modification
Product/equipment selection
Caregiver education
Professional resources
Bathroom safety
Memory impairment
Energy conservation
Low vision/hearing
Meal preparation
Medication management
Re-engagement of hobbies or other interests

Our purpose is to make sure any money you spend is well spent and that all services and products you pay for appropriately suit your unique needs.

We work for YOU.

Don't find yourself holding a blank check while standing in the middle of a medical supply store or asking a contractor what changes you need.

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