We have but one mission: Save the Planet. It's printed on all our packaging and is a testament to who we are and what we aim to do.

With this mission in mind, we produce products that are among the most eco-friendly in the marketplace. We save trees by creating products that use annually renewable plant fibers. We offer tableware that is 100% tree-free compostable. We offer paper goods (bath/toilet tissue, paper towels, napkins, facial tissues and toilet seat covers) that are 100% recyclable with 80% post consumer content and another line that is 80% tree-free.

We replace petroleum-based products such as Styrofoam and plastic ware with cornstarch-based products that are safe, harmless, and non-toxic. Such products include: cups, cutlery, food to go containers, straws, bags (garbage, T-shirt and grocery) and trash can liners.

We produce a best in value line of 100% Recycled with 80% Post Consumer Content paper goods line unrivaled in the marketplace for quality, softness and absorbency.

We make no compromises in product quality and performance. The quality, appearance and performance of our products equal or exceed that of comparable products in the marketplace.

Our products are among the most affordable in the market today. We do not believe that "going green" is a choice only affordable to a few. We researched and now produce products that are the most economical and accessible to all without compromising quality. After all, only when eco-friendly products are available and affordable to everyone can we truly make an impact to save our environment.

We are a certified minority owned business by the National Minority Business Development Council. We are also a private, family run corporation. More that 60% of our company is made up of employees that are either women or minorities. We are centrally located with warehouse locations across the continental United States to satisfy all our customers' needs. We are constantly striving to bring our customers the best products available, with the best margins, without losing sight of our goal of making "going green" affordable to all.