Features of enBrandly URL Shortener
We go by our motto ☞ ” URL Matters “!!!

The first and foremost plus with enBrandly url shortener is we do have a free plan for starters, newbie and testers.
Next, enBrandly url shortener gives branded domain for all our customers.
Dashboard is dead simple and does not a special knowledge to use it.
You can use our url shortener in a fly.
We do give you APIs.
I am bulk creator of short URLs, don’t worry we cover you too.
Are analytics real time in enBrandly short URLs? – Yeah! Do you have patience to wait?
App Deep linking is getting upgraded. If you are in dire need of it, just leave us a comment or an email so, we would be able to best support you.

Read more: https://www.enbrandly.com/google-url-shortener/#ixzz5xQCQiiuo