Enbraun is a software product company based in India. It develops and markets business software that boost efficiency at all levels of the organisation.

Enbraun's flagship software is eResource Scheduler. Its a collaborative, multi-user resource management software. Its client - server architecture allows multiple users to share data and collaborate in real time. eRS can be easily configured to schedule custom defined resources such as rooms, equipment, vehicles etc. Ease of use and high level of configurability makes this resource scheduler popular among people who regularly schedule resources(human & non-human) on projects / jobs / events / appointments etc.

eRS resource scheduling software enables the user to identify the right resource, from a big pool on the basis of custom defined attributes (roles, skills, training etc.) and schedule them on different projects / jobs / events / appointments etc. In this process, eRS resource scheduler also maximises utilization at all levels of the organisation. This makes eResource Scheduler an obvious choice for companies of all types & sizes to schedule employees & other resources.