Our mission is to create a vehicle for local beauty industry professionals who would like to feature their artistry in a magazine that will get their work seen by potential clients, other stylists and professionals. EncoreHD Hair Magazine is dedicated to show "The Hair... The Whole Hair... And Nothing But The Hair!!!

A foundation has been placed and a platform is being built for beauty industry professionals around the world to publish their work and be proud of it. At EncoreHD, our motto is “The Hair... The Whole Hair... And Nothing But The Hair”, that is, I have vowed that nothing but head shots of hair would be published. It is, by definition what most beauty industry professionals call “A Hair Book”. Some may do it differently, but this is the way we will do it.
We have proudly moved from the quaint little regional 44 pager (Volume 1) to a 104 pager (Volume 4) which caught the eyes of an
international distributor, RCS Rider Circulation Services. We have signed a five year deal, which allows us to be a formidable competitor in this huge beauty industry magazine market.