Encore Theater Company (Encore) is an integrated network of family and friends which works hard to foster a safe and caring environment.

Our mission hopes to:

Enhance vocal skills
Gain experience in all aspects of the performing arts-whether on or off stage; in front of or behind the curtain
Develop stage presence and ability to multi-task on stage
Increase self-esteem and pride in ability
Boost self-confidence that carries into other areas of life
Teach members to offer uplifting support, respect and teamwork among adults and peers
Develop a well rounded individual

Encore is a non-profit organization comprised of children from Kindergarten through 12th grade from Berks, Pennsylvania and the surrounding counties. The goal of this group is to enable its members to gain experience in all aspects of the performing arts.

Encore currently offers its members the opportunity to participate in on-stage and touring theatrical/musical productions. In the future, Encore plans to provide hands on training in both the performing arts and technical aspects of a musical/theatrical production. The members will strengthen and improve their project management and team working skills (communication, cooperation, planning, etc.) by participating in on-stage as well as technical aspects of theater including assistant directing, choreography, stage management, costume design, light and sound.

Encore will be supported by membership dues and fundraising as well as pursuing local corporate sponsorship and grants