Oakham, United Kingdom - January, 31 2018 - Launching soon, Encylex has paved the way for a new era in the realm of digital assets. By standardizing the base currency a user invests with, they have eliminated the risk of currency crash and loss of profit upon exchange. Their software will automatically handle the exchange and purchase of each currency users choose to invest in. Besides eliminating some of the volatility of the crypto market, this will make trading very accessible to most people. They will also offer syndicate options, a MasterCard Debit Card for each account (gold for founding investors!), instant withdrawal, and one-click investments. They are founded upon the core principles of accessibility, security, and trust.

Encylex will be fully available to everyone before June 1st, however, users can pre register at their website: www.encylex.com

There will be no monthly or annually recurring account fees associated with individual user accounts. A small service fee will be placed upon deposits for individual investments and syndicate accounts will operate on a equally small monthly charge; this is solely done to maintain the operation of Encylex. The withdrawal of any funds that aren't held in investments is completely free of charge and immediate.

Encylex will have their own patented token-trading system. Much like other currencies, their token will be held against real value and operate in a similar fashion. However, it's sole purpose is to be invested into other crytocurrencies on the exchange. It will automatically buy and sell assets in a fashion that will make the market less risky and yield more profit. Their other features play to create an even more accessible environment than any other competitor. Account verification is required but is nearly instant with the use of a passport. Funds can be quickly accessed through the use of an Encylex MasterCard, can be instantly withdrawn with no fee, and can be automatically invested per user's preference. Encylex will available as a mobile app as well as a desktop website.

Their Chief Technical Officer, Jack Wright states "We believe that Encylex is the future of cryptocurrency trading and investment. We've integrated systems which remove the severe effects of market volatility, whilst providing a platform for everybody to use effectively."

Led and co-founded by both Jack Wright, UK, and Samuel Hayden, US, Encylex will bring a new light to trading cryptocurrencies in a very volatile and saturated market. Their hope is to make investing and trading in digital currencies more accessible to the general public whilst providing a secure and trustworthy platform to do so.