Ener-t International is  technology expert, EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) contractor and project developer of concentrated solar thermal power plants (CSP). Ener-t offers complete EPC services, including the supply of the solar field, using its patented high-efficiency, proven and bankable technology.

The company benefits from the experience of the CSP pioneers that built the SEGS plants in California back in the 80's. Since 1980, key members of Ener-t led the research and development of four generations of parabolic trough technology used in CSP project. Ener-t team also designed the collector structure and the cermet based evacuated heat receivers including the production line used for all SEGS projects.

Our passion has not subsided in our quest to promote the adoption of parabolic technology as we continue to participate in the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) work of projects, such as 3 X 50 MW (150MW) of  about Euro 900 billion projects, Ener-t has served as a Technology Provider and  supplied the conceptual design, engineering guidelines and supervision and advised in the selection of key components for these state of the art projects that were design to also include thermal energy storage system for extended electricity supply and manageability.

Ener-t International serves as an EPC Contractor and Technology Provider in several multi-megawatts projects under construction and in development in Asia. In India, Ener-t is in advanced stages in the executing of the EPC work, for a 50MW thermal solar project approved under JNNS M phase 1 of the Government of India. Ener-t was selected recently also for the design of the National CSP R&D center at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.