Enercon Environmental Systems provides custom solutions for your industrial environmental needs.

Many industrial processes produce aerosol byproducts that may be released into the atmosphere either within the workspace or as outside exhaust. In both cases, the nature or quantity of these emissions may exceed “allowable limits” or become problematic from the standpoint of “housekeeping” either within your facility or in the surrounding area. Enercon Environmental Systems has offered solutions for handling these emissions for over thirty years.

During that time we have successfully handled mists, dusts, fumes, and gases, as well as mixtures of two or more of these contaminants. We are experienced in designing systems that avoid interfering with work  and/or process requirements, recognizing that we are of little value to manufacturers if our recommendations reduce productivity. Similarly, we know that, while there are often “standard” solutions, i.e. “off the shelf” equipment, that are adequate to meet your needs; there are many circumstances in which a “custom” approach to the problem is required.

In either case, there are no OEM’s that can offer the full range of equipment that may be necessary to meet your needs. With that fact in mind, we have established relationships with a wide variety of OEM’s, and that enables us to provide complete “soup to nuts” solutions.

We realize that we are certainly not the only possible source for solutions available in the marketplace today. However, we have conducted our business in this fashion for many years and believe that the greatest value that we can bring to you is knowledge of what not to do, as simple, apparently obvious solutions have been known to result in continuing maintenance headaches. We are not bound by limitations of either experience or the availability of specialized systems components. We can bring to bear the right kind of ducting, dust collectors, mist collectors, fume collectors, gas collectors (or oxidizers), or exhaust systems. And, we can select versions that take into account not only your budget, but personnel situation, as well.

Over the years we have encountered many circumstances in which our competitors have tried to “pound a square peg into a round hole”, since they simply could not provide the specific solution required for complete success. We have also been asked to evaluate situations in which well meaning, but inadequately informed, “in house” solutions fail to perform well. Here, our knowledge, experience and ability to provide a tremendous range of hardware has allowed our “consulting” role to grow. As such, we can often recommend relatively minor modifications to poorly functioning systems that allow you to enjoy the performance that you initially desired without having to throw out a lot of expensive hardware and replace it.

To sum up the Enercon approach to air pollution control, we like to cite the philosopher Abraham Maslow. He once said, “If the only tool that you have is a hammer, then you tend to see every problem as a nail.” We try to bring every possible tool to the table and, if the right one isn’t already in our “tool bag”, then we will either find it or develop it ourselves.