Energy Conservation Organization (ECO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation promoting energy conservation. Our specific objectives and purposes are to: Conserve energy through increasing efficiencies and eliminating excessive waste. Investing resources into the expansion of renewable clean power sources and ultimately reducing our dependence on foreign oil and decreasing the effects of global warming.

We will accomplish these goals through the following programs:






Millions of Americans are currently going through some very difficult financial times. They are deeply in need of ways to cut their expenses and reduce their monthly expenses. Our nation is experiencing rising commodity and energy prices deepening our dependence on foreign oil and indirectly funding terrorism through Middle Eastern oil profits. Every family has the responsibility to conserve our natural resources and educate themselves to the importance of proper home energy management.

We are now looking for experienced professionals in the nonprofit arena to help expand and direct our organization in a successful, sustainable manner. If you are passionate about energy conservation, efficiency, independence, renewable clean energy and fuels or just environmentally conscience, please contact us about joining our organization.

For more information contact us at info@energycharity.org or call 408-804-2906