After experiencing one energy healing session myself I felt better than at any other time in my life. The energy healer who worked on me asked if I would mind taking a couple of simple tests and so of course we did the tests and he said that I too was a powerful healer. I was skeptical and intrigued to learn more so began my research into energy healing types and uses. The energy healing practitioner also offered to teach me on a one on one basis. After completing his level one, 2 and 3 classes and working one on one with the healer/teacher my belief and ability to direct energy continued to build.

The defining moment was when I introduced a new technique and worked on my teacher after a few minutes he quickly got off the table saying WOW I never thought that I would meet someone who could channel as much energy as me! He then asked me to work on his girlfriend which I did. The following day she got ill for a few days while all of the negative energy left her system. The next week I saw her and she told me how great she felt and that her throat problem which she had suffered with her entire life had gone. At this point I knew that it was time for me to help others.

I have continued to provide in person healing and distant healing to clients locally and out of state as well as international distant healings.