Obese children are being treated for the conditions their obesity causes, but healthcare providers need additional resources to work one on one with the patients and the families to create a happier, healthier lifestyle to REVERSE disease and stop chronic illnesses from happening.  Many obese children and families of those children lack the resources needed to develop and maintain new habits.
·       They can’t hire personal trainers, pay for gym membership, yoga classes, and exercise equipment.  
·       Access to healthy food is not always readily available if they live in a “food desert” area.
·       Education about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles is not easily available.

Providers are excited about the opportunity to be able refer obese children into the Energy Krazed program to get the help they need. Resources are needed right now to build our network of Energy Krazed “Family Fitness Habilitation Coaches” (personal trainers and health coaches) who will model behavior, develop implementation plans based on the healthcare providers personalized plan and provide equipment for the home (fitbits, yoga mats, etc.). The program includes nutrition development and monitoring; empowerment, mindfulness and meditation approaches; happiness techniques; grocery shopping assistance on a budget, activity development and accountability, and incentives.  The trainers are young or young at heart to make the process fun and engaging for the kids.

Schools in the State are also excited about incorporating Energy Krazed curriculum into school based programs and monitoring improvements in grades, absenteeism, and overall health in their students. Resources are needed right now to empower the champions in the schools with staffing, equipment, incentives, and ready-made activities to drive increased education about the health of our State and how to develop healthy lifestyles.

In addition to funding personal health coaches for individuals referred by providers, and health coach educators and equipment for schools.  Energy Krazed is focused on funding monthly community wide activities ( cooking classes, fun interactive activity sessions) to raise awareness across the State about how serious childhood obesity is and drive community efforts focus on providing resources for access to nutritious food, education on healthy lifestyles available in the community, focus on mental health and stress reduction, and increase in activity in schools.