Energy Quest, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries  Wavechem Inc. and Syngas Energy Corp. (SEC) are active in the research, development and commercialization of  "alternative petroleum refining and renewable energy” technologies. The term alternative encompasses green and/or renewable energies. Once considered “alternative” these technologies are fast becoming the future of energy as traditional sources become increasingly more expensive and scarce.

Wavechem Inc., a private corporation, can upgrade heavy crude and turn it into light, sweet crude at a fraction of the traditional cost using new proprietary ultrasonic wave technology.  With significantly lower operating costs and no requirement for catalysts, this new technology offers several advantages over the traditional heavy crude upgrading technology used today. For more information go to www.wavechem.com

Syngas Energy Corp. is a private corporation whose management has spent over 20 years pioneering building diversified alternative energy solutions for business. Syngas’ core product is the M2 Gas Generator, which utilizes advanced gasification technology to create low cost, clean energy using cheap, multi-fuel sources.

Energy Quest boasts an incredible management team to grow the business, and has been pursuing large contracts for Energy Quest’s products in United States, Canada and other countries. Energy Quest is focusing on target markets of Waste Biomass to Energy, Clean Coal, Heavy Oil Upgrading and Tar Sands project.  Energy Quest has received interest from potential customers and partners in each of these areas.

Energy Quest also has an advanced Hydrogen Generating Technology, PyStR (Pyrolysis Steam Reforming), a revolutionary technology that will enable our present technology to produce Hydrogen... the Fuel of Tomorrow, at a fraction of the cost of today’s availability. The US Department of Energy’s $1.2 billion Hydrogen Initiative states that lowering the cost of hydrogen is a primary objective.

Energy Quest, Inc. trades under the symbol: EQST on the OTCBB market.