Electricity & Natural Gas Energy Brokers

When Electric Companies Can Compete...You Save Money
We are Rhode Island's and one of the nations Largest and Fastest growing energy brokers and represent over 30 private utility companies in the Electricity and Natural Gas markets in the United States.  Electricity and Natural Gas deregulation has allowed residential, commercial and industrial electricity and natural gas users an option to choose whom they receive the supply of energy to them.  Deregulation creates a competitive market and offers consumers an advantage through choice, therefore saving on your utility usage.

Our services are free and we provide an unbiased comparison quote to you on your electricity or gas usage. There are no fees associated with switching providers and you still recieve only one bill, get the same energy through the same lines, except for less.

Compare your electric company rates and save. Would you pay an extra two cents per gallon for gas in your car? Would you pay an extra five dollars for the same pair of pants? NO! Why would you pay more for your electric supply then?

Same Service-Same Lines-Same Power

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