Enerit Ltd is the first company in the world to provide comprehensive software for large energy users to implement the ISO 50001 international standard in energy management.

Since our company’s formation in 2004, we have advised some of Europe’s largest companies in energy efficiency in industry and buildings, and we have developed and exported environment and quality management software to multinational customers in Europe and North America.

At Enerit, we understand sustainability requirements and the implications for those who manage  manufacturing plants and building stocks (such as supermarkets and office buildings).  Specifically, we know that critical day-to-day operational issues often overshadow support efforts to reduce energy costs.

We have developed automated tools to assist energy managers, property owners and others to:

Systematically manage energy costs on a continuous basis
Delegate responsibility and accountability throughout their businesses or organisations
Effect substantial savings through changing staff behaviour and ensuring energy action every day

Instead of manual processes based on Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, Word and email fragments, Enerit provides integrated and automated processes for energy management, based on a web-based system of groupware and secure workflow.