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For further explanation and clearer idea about Enetstorage Kindly go through the questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1.     What is Enetstorage?

Enetstorage is a Cloud based backup & file sharing service in which users can store their files such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Photos, Videos, Tally and all kind of files available till date. Enetstorage solves various problems for todays computerized world such as Data Backup instantly, Data Sharing, Sending Large File Attachments & Emails, Creating Company Network.

2.     What can I benefit if I purchase Enetstorage?

i.     You may upload & store your files in your account.
ii.     You can send quotations/LPO/enquires/any such kind of file to anyone in the world.
iii.     Access the files stored at Enetstorage anytime anywhere.
iv.     You do not need to carry flash drives/hard disks anymore. Just login into your account while you are at work/home/travelling and get access to your files Immediately.
v.     Create a whole company network, Add/modify/delete Sub users and share files within the sub users.
vi.     Sub users will have their own username and password and they cannot see the files stored by other users or administrator.
vii.     Sub users can share files with the admin as well as with each other i.e. sub user to sub user file sharing is allowed.
viii.     Administrator can disable sub users from uploading files so that they cannot store their personal files.
ix.     Administrator can suspend or delete sub user account as and when he requires.
x.     Administrator will be provided a control panel for control his sub users.

3.     Are the sub user accounts chargeable? / do I have to pay per sub user?

NO, We do not charge per sub user account, We charge only for 1 Main account which has the total space which can further be divided into sub users as required by the admin of the Main account.

4.     How can I Manage Sub users?

Sub users can be Created/Modified/Deleted and view their files using the control panel which is with the Admin( main account) registered with Enetstorage.

5.     How many sub users are supported?

As many as you want to add (Unlimited Sub user accounts).

6.     Can I view my sub user files to make sure what they are storing?

Yes, this is included in our Administrator Control Panel in which you can manage Sub user Accounts.

7.     What all can I manage/edit about the sub users?

i.     Edit the First name & Last name.
ii.     Edit their password.
iii.     Edit the space allocated to them.
iv.     Edit the Phone number.

8.     Who all can be sub users?

Sub users can be any one staff, clients, individuals, etc. Basically it depends on the admin how he/she wants to use the space.

9.     What security do I benefit from Enetstorage & at why should I choose Enetstorage over my own local servers/hard drive backups.

We at Enetstorage provide professional backups for your data and make sure your data is always safe and secure. Moreover you do not need to worry & remember what all files you have to carry in a meeting or while travelling. Just store your files on Enetstorage and access it anywhere anytime.

10.     How can I send large emails?

You may upload your file and click on the blue colored share button, which would open a new window in which you can write the whole email and add multiple email ids and send the email to any one with the file in the email.

11.     Does the user who I am sending email need to be a user of Enetstorage?

No, you can send emails to anyone in the world.

12.     How does the uploading of files work?

You can select any number of files and after you are done you just need to click the upload files button and the whole queue will start uploading one after another.

13.     As I am storing files, What if I forget my Enetstorage account open?

Your account will auto log off after 10 mins of inactivity. But when you are uploading files account wont log off as it may take 20-25 mins for large files in Gb’s.

14.     Why should I choose Enetstorage over other cloud storage services?

We at Enetstorage provide 100 Mbps dedicated speed to each of our user.
We also do not have any file size limit, i.e 1 file of 10 GB / 100 Gb will also be allowed to upload depending on the account space available for your account.