We're excited to announce our new attorney fees! If you or a loved one are in need legal services, please give us a call. We will provide the same great service, now at a lower cost. Many cases now qualify for a flat fee, so you'll know exactly what your total out-of-pocket will be in advance.

Practicing Law in the following areas:

Family Law

Divorce without Minor Children (Starting at $500)
Divorce with Minor Children (Starting at $1000)
Child Support Actions (Starting at $1000)
Child Support Motions (Starting at $750)
Custody Actions (Starting at $1000)
Custody Motions (Starting at $750)
Paternity Actions (Starting at $1000)
Adoption (Starting at $1000)

Criminal Law

(DUI, OWI, OUIL, Domestic Violence, Possession)
Traffic Offenses and Civil Infractions ($150/offense)
Misdemeanors ($500/offense)
Felonies (Starting at $2000)
Probation Violations ($500/violation)

Estate Planning

Wills ($150 each)
POA ($75 each)

Real Estate Law

Tenant Evictions ($100/hearing)
Landlord Evictions ($100/hearing)
Drafting Leases or Land Contracts ($250/document)

***All prices are for attorney fees only and DO NOT include filing fees. Filing fees are always due before the paperwork is filed. Check with your attorney to find out how much your filing fee will be.