Imagine a world where all children have access to the education that works best for them because it is created – just for them. Now, imagine a not-profit company that is making this happen by transforming “one-size-fits-all” education into “one-size-fits-one”. That’s Enlearn.

Enlearn™ was founded as a not-for-profit corporation to support data-driven optimization of the learning ecosystem, including optimization of student learning, teacher effectiveness, and courseware efficacy.

We are a diverse teams of engineers, data scientists, computer scientists, consultants, partners, and customers. We are as creative and adaptive as our product, because each of us is driven to excel through a very compelling belief: every single student deserves to be engaged effectively in learning.

To do this, we take Problem Generation and combine it with the most recent advancements in Machine Learning to make current texts and assessments virtually infinite – and infinitely adaptive. We're creating a scalable infrastructure to bring ‘big’ data analytics to curriculum providers, teachers, students, and parents. We want to support students and teachers everywhere on their quest for more engaging teaching and learning.