Enovint is a Chicago based marketing management firm that specializes in bringing high quality marketing knowledge and skills to small and medium businesses. Enovint’s practice leverages our significant history in creating, managing, and growing brands in both B2B and B2C markets. In addition to consulting and marketing project services, we are also disrupting the market with a new solution for middle market companies:  On-Premise Marketing.

Our On-Premise marketing service puts our talent on-site for management and leadership of specific projects all the way to day-to-day department management. For many of our clients, our on-premise solution provides the talent they couldn’t otherwise afford with virtually no risk.

Engagement Services
At enovint we recognize that our clients have varying needs that don't always fit a long term outsourcing model. Therefore to ensure client satisfaction we've designed three Engagement Services to provide our clients the type of high quality and innovative marketing solutions they are looking for.
*  Marketing Consulting
*  Custom Marketing Projects
*  On-Premise Marketing

Marketing Services
Our Marketing Services teams bring a wealth of experience in specific marketing disciplines with the sole purpose of driving demand for our clients.  Their expertise, knowledge and skills bring a level of talent that most small and medium organizations cannot resource within their budgets.  It ensures our clients receive fortune 100 services that fit within their budgets.

Marketing Strategy & Management
Development of strategies & tactics.   Working with your organization we define positioning and develop a comprehensive roadmap for your organization across multiple marketing mediums.

Product Innovation & Packaging
We work with our clients to create or modify products as well as find ways to reduce cost through development or process.

Lead Generation & Channel Marketing
Helping clients to generate leads both online and offline in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Research & Analytics
We engage in the process of planning, collecting, and analyzing data relevant to marketing decision-making.

Digital & Online Marketing
Our team will focus on creating an online presence for your firm that generates demand.

Communications & PR
This is a strategic communication process where we work with clients to build beneficial relationships between organizations and the public.

For more information on Enovint and its suite of services, visit our Website at www.enovint.com